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Angelic Energy Healing Level 1

September 16 2017,10:00 am -September 17 2017,5:00 pm ,

This two day angel healing workshop is a fantastic course for anyone who would like to learn how to channel the powerful and loving angelic frequencies for their own self healing and for working with family and friends. This weekend is suitable for beginners and/or those who would like to have a complementary therapy for their own practices. During the weekend there will be a number of guided meditations, you will be given angelic tools and techniques for working with the angels for your own self practice. You will be given an opportunity to give an angelic healing and to receive one on the second day. Although this workshop is part of a bigger healing program it can most certainly be used as a stand alone weekend bringing information, insight and deep healing to all areas of the participants life. After this workshop you can choose to continue with the program if you so wish but this is not compulsory. Participants recieve a full thirty plus page angelic healing manual and certificate of attendance on completion of the workshop.

For more info on the following levels see see website http://angelicconnections.ie/courses-workshops/angelic-healing

This weekend will include attunements to the angelic frequencies of
• Archangel Metatron,
• Archangel Chamuel,
• Archangel Gabriel,
• Archangel Zadkiel,

Topics covered will include
• What is angelic energy healing;
• Guidelines for angelic energy healing;
• Layers of the aura;
• Protection – how to protect your energy field and healing space – Archangel Metatron;
• What are chakras – the Archangels that work with each charka;
• Scanning the aura- learning how to tune into your clients energy field with the help of the Archangel’s in order to ascertain what part of the body/aura requires healing;
• Self-love with Archangel Chamuel – technique for self-healing and working with others;
• Sending distant healing (how to work with the angelic frequencies to send healing and light to other people, situations, even yourself);
• Grounding- Techniques to assist you to ground yourself and others – Archangel Uriel and grounding technique with Mother Gaia;
• How to clear and unblock the energy channels as well as basic techniques and guidance when working with the Angelic frequencies;
• Technique to clear, cleanse and unblock your energy field space with Archangel Zadkiel;
• Technique for emotional and mental healing with Archangel Gabriel – technique for self and others;
• There is also additional advanced strengthening and protective techniques working with sacred symbols and the Archangel’s;

Participants will be given the opportunity to work with the techniques during the weekend by giving and receiving healings. There will be guided meditations to assist the participant to clear and unblock their own energy field and also to assist the participant to connect with the angelic frequencies.

On completion of the course participants will receive an Angelic Healing Manual and certificate of completion.

There will be follow up evenings every three to four weeks to allow healers to meet and exchange Angelic experiences.

N.B. It is the right and discretion of Deborah Boyle to interview a potential initiate.

A booking deposit of €50 secures a place. Tea and coffee is provided.

For further details or to make a booking, you can contact Deborah on: 086 3949117 or Debbie@angelicconnections.ie or see website http://angelicconnections.ie/courses-workshops/angelic-healing

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