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Things To Do In Dublin

Do you know there are over 500 events taking place in Dublin every week.

We aim to help you find things to do in Dublin by giving you links to some of the best site we can find.

For kids try (Kids Activity should be fun and  are putting together a list of places and events to take your family to throughout the year. We are also asking you to help us find more kids activities and review them to help us all have more engagement with or kids.)

Things To Do In Dublin
Things to Do In Dublin, Ireland.

To find the best events in Dublin try (Never miss an event again with our whats on event guide. Promoters list your event for free. Thousands of local and international events listed weekly)

For TV and Cinema  (, reliable comprehensive Cinema listings, TV listings, Celebrity Gossip Stories, music, gigs, exhibitions, theatre, clubbing, comedy events, online ticket sales. All Your…)

For free events Dublin Event Guide (The Dublin Event Guide (for Free Events) is the best event guide in Dublin for the huge variety of free events. Published every week, it lists, describes and recommends the best events that don’t even cost you a cent.)


For Tourism  Discover Ireland ( Find special offers and places to go – whether it’s a Christmas market in Galway or an adventure break in Cork. This winter, make some family memories that will last forever. )


If you have any other event guides you believe we should included contact us and let us know.



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